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ncIMPACT examines tough challenges around our state in education, jobs, health, and the environment. Host Anita Brown-Graham, from the ncIMPACT Initiative at the UNC School of Government, goes into communities using effective collaborations to tackle these problems head on. Talking to the people on the ground and state experts on the issues, Brown-Graham identifies the positive effects of people who come together to make change and examines whether other communities across the state could try these collaborative strategies.

UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina partners with the UNC School of Government on the ncIMPACT series, with sponsorship by Civic Federal Credit Union. The program enjoyed remarkable success in its first two years. Its creators want the third season to be even better. We need your insights to make this happen.

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ncIMPACT Episodes Air Thursdays, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV.

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